About Us

My passion for developing myself and becoming the best person that I can be began early in my life. I was inspired by my mom whom I watch transform her life and her being. As a child, I remember her being a loving mother but one who always cared for everyone except herself. She was a dependent person without much confidence or self-esteem. Over the years I watched her change and grow. At the age of 41 she got her driver’s license and then started to work outside of the home. She became very independent and out-going, eventually starting and building her own successful home based business.

She was always reading books and listening to audio cassettes on a number of different self-help topics. Her excitement and enthusiasm for her new learning was contagious. She shared it with anyone who would listen. She would send me great inspirational emails almost daily.

Over the years I watched her transform herself into the amazing beautiful person that she really was. Even since the day that Cancer took her from us, the memory of her and the amazing journey she lived continues to be my inspiration and guiding light. She taught me the importance of discovering my true self and that this life journey is about continual growth and development. For this, it is to her that I now dedicate my work and the products and services that I offer. She will always be my hero.

The Goal-Setting and Personal Development products that Creative Empowerment Solutions develops and distributes on our website come from years of studying the best products and information out there. We aim to provide top quality, user friendly products that help people to discover and develop their true selves. Understanding the need to be continually reading, learning, and growing, we have developed this website as a resource where you can find lots of great information and great tools to assist you on your path of self growth and personal development.

I hope that this website and the work that we do inspires you to develop your true self.